23 abril, 2010

Online Teaching at NKI - Learning Object Unit 2

For the Unit 2 of the course Pedagogical Processes of eLearning, I continued my research about Norwegian Knowledge Institute (NKI) Online Education model.

For Unit 1 I developed an LO about Cooperative Freedom in NKI explaining how the theory of Cooperative freedom influences the learning experience of an online student.

For the Learning Object of Unit 2, I decided to explore what are the Online Teaching Techniques used by the teachers at NKI and how they interact with their students throw the NKI's LMS - SESAM.

(Click at Full Screen for better reading)Online Teaching on NKI
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I had some limitations on accessing the real SESAM LMS, but I think this LO offers an good initial overview of how the teachers at NKI develop their teaching techniques, communication, assessment and feedback for students progress.
For Unit 3 I will try to show how transparency between online students can promote a more engaging learning community, with a lite help of social networking features.

Hope you enjoy the LO.

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