22 maio, 2010

Transparency in NKI - Learning Object

With this final Learning Object for the course Pedagogical Processes of eLearning, I finish my research about Norwegian Knowledge Institute (NKI) Online Education model.

For Unit 1 I developed an LO about Cooperative Freedom in NKI explaining how the theory of Cooperative freedom influences the learning experience of an online student.

For Unit 2, I decided to explore what are the Online Teaching Techniques used by the teachers at NKI and how they interact with their students throw the NKI's LMS - SESAM.

For Unit 3 I explore the concept of transparency and describe how NKI developed a system of Learning Partners for students to cooperate, based on the principles of social networking sites.

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With this LO I conclude my investigation about the online education model from NKI.
If you're interested in the previous LOs, you can check them throw the following links:

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  2. Dear colleague Hugo,

    I was almost becoming your official reviewer, so I deserve a last comment…
    This part 3 was the best of all. It is excellent in every aspect. The visual design is perfect and the cover page image is meaningfully “transparent” now. The content couldn’t be more focused to the topic. You invented a parallel story for Erica and her young colleague and it made the presentation even more appealing and catchy.
    You deserve a scholarship to go to Norway and keep on writing a dissertation about NKI learning system…

    Congratulations! Keep on your amazing work.
    All the best from,

    Ps- This does not intend to replace Joaquim’s review. By the way, I really thank him for having replaced me.